EOS Hantec Investments LLC, “EOS” is a proprietary non-operating investment and asset management entity established in Dubai since 2010. EOS plays a catalytic role in any investment it makes in projects. Its primary philosophy is to take majority stakes and work closely with project founders and owners to assist them achieve their objectives.

To have the greatest impact on any project, EOS invests according to the following criteria:

  • Alignment – EOS looks for projects aligned with its mission of creating value and opportunities in the entertainment, energy, agriculture, real estate, finance and technology sectors.
  • Impact – EOS invests in projects that intend to develop new markets or industries and influence the practices among existing corporations to create social and financial returns.
  • Potential for scale – EOS seeks projects with exceptional growth potential and the ability to scale. Its main objective is to look for projects that have the potential for a highly successful business model and a path towards early operational sustainability.
  • Leadership – EOS invests in people – people with a proven track record in their field and an ability to articulate a clear vision and strategy. The project must have strong management along with operational efficiency and controls, transparent practices, and strict financial planning.
  • Innovation – EOS seeks projects that employ creative, entrepreneurial strategies to achieve their goals.